Frog Hollow is an Art Studio Tour of living with the arts in nature & wellness settings.

Our mission is to build a collective integration that merges visual art with holistic living for inspired uplifting experiences.

There is an open invitation and call to artists to join in this integrated approach to the art.

Please email us at froghollow118@gmail.com for full details and membership application.

Visit our FaceBook Page at www.facebook.com/Frog-Hollow-Integrated-ART-Experience-103460488428730

Whirling Wisdom Art Studio will be open June to October, 2023, on the following weekends: June 3 & 4th; July 8 & 9th, August 5 & 6th, September 2 & 3th and last day October 1st.  Time:11am to 5pm.

June 3th and 4th



~ Didgeridoo Making Workshop~

June 3th, Time 11am to 4pm 

Join Whirling Wisdom Studio at the "Celestial Tipi" outdoor setting for a hands on making your "one of a kind " instrument, painting, sounding and teachings

Cast: $ 180 materials are inclusive

To register call Biljana at 647 518 5593 or E- mail: froghollow118@gmail.com


June 4th: Frog Hollow Tea Party 

Time: 1 to 3pm

 Join Biljana and featured quests offering live music, intuitive sounds and messages. This is a communial invitation for a "Divine Play" at the Enchanted Gardens @ SpiralGate of Art & Wellbeing~


July 8th and 9th CELEBRATION



 July 8th

 This is a communial gathering, to Drum & Sound, tell stories around a sacred Fire, heald in the "Celestial Tipi" at SpiralGate of Art & Wellbeing. Meet our Firekeepers, featured guests and the community. This also marks re-birthing ceremony!

place: Whirling Wisdom @ SpiralGate

Time: 6pm to 9pm 
Coast: by donation

Reservation: birthingstar@gmail.com 


July 9th Frog Hollow Tea Pary Special*

Time: 1 to 3pm

Join Biljana and featured Quests artists offering live music, intuitive sounds and messages.  This is a "Divine Play" communial invitation in the Enchanted Gardens @ SpiralGate of Art & Wellbeing~

July 9th: Aerial Arts Performance

Time: 22pm 

 This Aerial Arts performance is by our young and rising "birthing star', Shashwananeka Lili Banchotova in a "Fox & The Fairy" tandem play with Laura Hunt. 

(for more info visit the Guest Artist page) 

event is by donation~ All ages welcome!



August 5th and 6th 


August 5th, Time 11 to 4pm 

Please know this is a sacred gathering & work and I am truly excited to have you be part of this creation and guide you at the flow of becoming a Drum carrier. There will be sharing of intro-cultural wisdom of this universal Drum Spirit & Songs during the building process. We will be working with White Tail Deer hide and round Ash hard-wood frames (for whom I am in collaboration with and prepared by First Nations) to fasten your Drum Spirit, these are the options:
Materials: All-inclusive.
Drum frame: 11/12 inch, Investment $225
Drum frame: 14/15 inch, Investment $265
Drum Frame 16/17 inch, Investment $285
Children's frame 8/9 inch, investment $100
After the creation of the Hand Drum, I am offering Drum Blessing/initiation Ceremony and Feasting for the Drum gathering (inclusive & optional) to follow and be held in my Tipi and in sacred pipe & smudge.
For confirmation and to reserve your attendance is by July 22th, consider investing half of the cost of the workshop so I may arrange and prepare the needed materials.
You may contact Biljana by e-mail at: birthingstar@gmail.com or 647 518 5593


AUGUST 6th: Frog Hollow Tea Party

Time: 1 to 3pm 

Join Biljana and featured Quests artists offering live music, intuitive sounds and messages.  This is a "Divine Play" communial invitation in the Enchanted Gardens @ SpiralGate of Art & Wellbeing~



September 30 & October 1st weekend


Sept. 30 (& Oct. 1st)~ featuring Vending Market by local quest artists from 11am until 5pm

Storytelling Fire at 3pm in the Tipi, featured quest artist.

October 1st.featuring Enchanted Tea Party from 1 to 3pm. With love music by quest artists and intuitive messages. 

Aerial Arts performance by our young and rising "birthing star', Shashwananeka Lili 

(for more info visit the Guest Artist page) 

event is by donation~ All ages welcome reservations are required

with Biljana at 647 518 5593
 Whirling Wisdom @ SpiralGate of Art & Wellbeing
18378 Highway 118
Tory Hill, Ontario  




June18th, July 17th, August 16th, Sep. 14, Oct. 14

Place: WhirlingWisdom @ SpiralGate

Time: 6:30 to 8:30 

This is a communal monthly gathering around a sacred fire in an outdoors Tipi setting. Featuring Singing Bowls, Drums, Flutes and other instruments. 
Events are by donation. Some instruments provided.

Reserve your attendance at: birthingstar@gmail.com


EVENTS- by arragement 

"Love is in the Earth" -Guided Crystal Trail ~ with Crystal Bowls Sound Initiation.
Explore mineral trails atTitanite Hill, Known world wide by its unique findings of: Titanite, Apatite, Richterite, Feldspar, Calcite, Mica among others.
At the explorative and educational part of the experience you will have an opportunity to walk the trail in sacred awareness and witness the minerals at their natural habitat, learn of the crystals metaphysical and healing properties, and have some "findings for keeps".
Followed by and Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation in the WhirlingWisdom Studio at SpiralGate of Art and Wellbeing.

Full day Investment: $70 per person
Families are welcome, for children between 7 to 12 years: $25
All inclusive- including: Crystal Elixir drink, Crystals and chiseling materials for the one interested( basket, chiseling tools, shovel, hammer, safety classes)
What to bring: Journal; comfortable hiking boots/ wear, bottle for water, snack)

Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/pTbhiYBFv7ra7qSD7

(must be arranged prior the visit))


Drum Painting Workshop 

Host: WhirlingWisdom @ SpiralGate of Art and Wellbeing Tipi

Investment: $85 for the day, materials inclusive, bring your drum or purchase one made by the artist~

For reservation and detailed info contact Biljana: birthingstar@gmail.com or tel.: 647-518-5593

open call for artists

We are dedicated to presenting meaningful art practices and works that encompass the sacredness in inspired manifestations, freedom of expression, inner rhythms and bring these dimensions into everyday sustainable living.
In the 19th Century Frog Hollow was a settlement in the Highlands East, Ontario, presently known as Tory Hill by its beautiful landscapes and sacred mineral trails. Home of the founding visionary artist Biljana Banchotova, with Whirling Wisdom Art Creations at her land Spiral-gate of Art & Wellness; and spirited couple Darlene Dove and Shawn Arscott from Earth Dance Studio and Eagle Eye Productions; who got inspired to seek out and anchor a studio tour that is of provincial significance in bringing together artists from diverse parts in Ontario in a collective effort to host open doorways of inspirational grounds at these most auspicious of times.
All the artists involved practise diverse forms of visual art as a full time profession and have a common vision to inspire and share their creative pursuits in a nurturing environment.

While artists open doors to their home and studios for that unique piece of artwork and meaningful gift, some may share adventurous trails on their land; some will inspire by their gardens and visionary permaculture; homestead; healing lodges; musical gardens; sacred fire; crystal trails to name few of weavings in the journey, with a profound participatory experience.

At these changing times, we hope to welcome our visitors through the designated weekends of the five month period 2021 in person, as well virtually offered, to enjoy a full weekend of creative pursuits, treasure our works and tune into the harmonious landscapes each county offers. Perhaps travel to each destination on different weekends and spend the day or two overnight at the designated opportunities...there will also be a GeoCaching site.

This being our first year we invite and are in an "open call" to other artists who might share the same vision and have the means of hosting their Ontario location; same for the ones who wish to participate as guest artists, to reach out to Frog Hollow and present their art form...
direct email: froghollow118@gmail.com

You may join our community at our FaceBook Page: facebook.com/Frog-Hollow-Integrated-ART-Experience-103460488428730

Looking forward to re-create the new decade together!

Frog, as our totem/animal ally: "Frog sings the song that brings the rain, its medicine is akin to water energy." Our hope is to live and re-create a world of clean water and are open to manifest all the healing & beauty ways for a better, more synchronizing, flowing, vibrant Planet.